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The Freestyle Trampolining Program

Learn how to spin, flip, grab and tweak in a safe and controlled environment so as you can then take it to the snow.

Body awareness in space is the key to mastering aerial maneuvers on the skis and there is no better way to do this than on trampolines with professional coaches taking you through the progressions.

Stop hucking and start stomping. Join our trampoline sessions to become an aerial artist.


Trampolining - Times and Prices: (all prices in Japanese yen)

December 14th 2019 - March 31st 2020

¥3000 per session, per person

¥35000 per season, per person

One Session a Week(day will be negotiated according to schedules)

430pm - 6:00pm

Included in the sessions
- Trampoline coaching
- Video Analysis

Not included in the sessions
- clothing or trampolining footwear
- transport to or from sessions

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