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Welcome to the Hakuba Freestyle Force

Welcome to the Hakuba Freestyle Force

Come join the coolest advancement in skiing. Freestyle skiing, where you are free to ride how you want, on all terrain. Sliding rails, launching jumps, using the mountain like a stunt park.

You can learn how to take your riding to the next level of fun. No more is skiing about how many left and rights you can do down a given course, it's all about words like spinning, popping, grinding, switch, sideways, inverting, corking, grabbing.

Become part of the Force, unleash your endless potential.


Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with any questions

26092, Kamishiro, Kita Azumi Gun, Kamishiro, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano 399-9211

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